06 November 2009

06Nov - plans on changing wines around.

I plan on moving things around on the wine menu. I've kept several wines for several years, sometimes because i feel they're great and staid items but, i suppose, to some degree because i've been too lazy to change them. And sometimes we need come to the realization that we need to change things up even when they appear to be fine. I love the Trimbach Pinot Blanc but i have to ask the question of whether the wine is giving me all that i can expect from a wine or even all that the customer deserves. And sometimes it's difficult to say because i've grown so used to the wine that, while it's new and wonderful to someone else, it's not everything i want it to be anymore.
So things will change, as things do. And there will be a period during which there might not be a specific varietal fully decided upon and i'll be playing with various wines in an effort to find the right one. That's sometimes the fun part (and many people assume so lightly that getting to try thirty is fun. it can be, sure, but it's tiring work when the percentages of what you find palatable, okay, good, and great work against you.) but often the search is the most fatiguing part.

Anyway, i'm sorry if i've ended up taking away a wine that you like or have gotten accustomed to but there will be equally fun and interesting wines coming in.

I'm adding a great, light, easy going Cote du Rhone-style blend from Morgan in Monterey. I've changed pinot noirs to a wonderful Oregon pinot which i think expresses the land very well. I'm working with two Bordeaux, a white and red both from Chateau Suau ("suau" also being the first four letters of our last name.) And I'm thinking about changing up several items that have simply been around for long enough that it's just time for this shake up.

so there we have it.

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