22 October 2009

22Oct- Random Thoughts

Being alone does different things to different people. Some people crave it and only find the revitalization they sometimes seek during moments of solitude. There are others who must be around other people for their energy, as though they feed off the life of others. And, as it is with those who want children and those who don’t, it can be difficult for one party to understand the needs of the other.
I see these dynamics work at the restaurant. We have several regulars who come in, primarily, by themselves. They’re content to sit at a table with a book or a newspaper, sometimes nothing at all, and enjoy their meal. As a person who relishes their alone time I understand their decision and am gratified that they’ve chosen our restaurant as one where they can be alone.
And we’ve got customers who are always here with friends and groups of people. They’re often possessed of bigger personalities and, as with the loners, I appreciate that these more social people have found us worthy of sharing with friends, family, and colleagues.
Now, of course, I realize that sometimes the nature of going out is that it’s something one doesn’t always do so how they choose to go out isn’t always indicative of that person’s personality in their day to day. Maybe our loners are always around other people, always entertaining at home, and surrounded by people so much that, when they find an evening to themselves, they seek out the solitude of the table for one. And perhaps the social animals I see are, in fact, much more sedate in their “real” lives and only when they feel it do they invite friends out.
One never knows. One of our servers was surprised to learn that I’m not a social character. I’m outgoing here at the restaurant, of course, but once on my own I rarely seek out the company of others. I’m comfortable with people seeking out mine and will often head out if asked but there are perhaps three or four people in my life whose company I actively request.
I don’t know where I’m going with this. Looks can be deceiving, maybe? From the public social butterfly who’s actually a wallflower to the person who’s normally as sweet as can be but just once has a terrible day and snaps at their server. From the bottle of wine from the great producer that happens to be a dud to the gas station in the middle of nowhere that’s got the best damn fried chicken you’ve ever tried.
You never know. Don’t take anything for granted. Never underestimate. I suppose there’s a lot that can be read into it.
Take what you will.

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