29 September 2009

29Sept- ugh. i was kind of "that guy" today
So i was at a local, sort of new restaurant today and looking over their wine list, which was small but well thought out. Which is why i was surprised to see a Sancerre Rouge listed as a Loire blend. Always in the mood to learn, and always accepting of my breadth of ignorance, i asked about it. I was told that it was a cabernet sauvignon, syrah, and maybe merlot blend. This seemed like a Languedoc blend but, always willing to believe that i'm wrong, I called up the distributor and confirmed that it was a 100% pinot noir. That was my understanding, that Loire is known for its cabernet franc (chinon) and its pinot noir (sancerre) with ocassional plantings of gamay and cab sauv and other teeny grapes, which usually added in small amounts to Touraine wines.
A part of me felt like this was none of my business, to bring up this oversight. But it seemed so counter to the spirit of the region and, outside of that, it's terribly misleading. Sancerre Rouges (aged, at least) can be wonderfully delicate things. Young ones are more forward but, still, are old-world pinot noirs which are worlds apart from hearty blends of cab sauv, syrah, and maybe merlot. When pairing wines with food, their respective natures are so important.
So. I gently voiced my doubt, always verbally allowing for my being wrong, and then wrote down my findings on the receipt.
I guess i'm writing this to articulate, at least to myself, that i don't like doing that kind of thing but i'm passionate about several fields and misinformation can compromise the enjoyment of these fields for myself and other people.

and it serves as a reminder of how important research is. Of how, as sure as we can be, there are times we can still be proven wrong. And of how being ignorant of the truth isn't something to be ashamed of.
and as bad as i feel about saying something, at least i didn't mention a few mis-spellings on the menu.

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