09 September 2009

09Sept- thoughts on progress/awkwardness
This post is borne of a lot but, i must admit, a lot of it is the awkwardness i feel for growing this silly moustache. Now, I told myself I'd grow it because my girlfriend is going out of town and that's the case but now I feel like i have to because I told myself I would. What i didn't count on was this terribly awkward phase during which i feel like i need to explain to people that i don't actually think i look good this way but that this is only a step as part of a larger idea.
Which made me think about progress in general and how, sometimes, it's an idea that frightens a lot of people. Sometimes the idea of taking on a new challenge is daunting to people (me, often) and i broke this down to feeling odd about the shaky fawn legs of learning. I have a friend who took up the violin when most men are finally settling into their careers.
I think taking on a new challenge is brave as well as realistic. And i think it separates those of us who are willing to look foolish as we grow into something from those who are hesitant to look foolish in front of others. They are those who may be turning their backs on all that they can be. But, for crying out loud, we're all growing. We're none of us fully evolved creatures.
I'm constantly learning. I'm constantly accepting that I have limits. I'm frequently in talks with people who are much better learned in the fields in which i wish to excel. I'll probably always have issues with correct pitch in my singing lessons. I'm slowly learning that growing a moustache may be a mistake. But i'm also quite willing to accept that looking foolish is a part of life.
I encourage everyone to embrace the things that may make you a better person but, in the meantime, may make you look silly. Because who cares? And you never know if don't try.
but then again, as w.c. fields said, "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it."

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Henry said...

You appear to be ready, my son. Keep the moustache, or start it again for next May:


Moustache may is a support group for looking silly, and not taking your self too seriously. Its as much a photo contest as a moustache contest, and almost always the silliest wins. Its a ton of fun, and well worth spending a month with a moustache, and 250 guys who are also trying hard to live another day looking like that.