26 August 2009

26Aug- something of a blog explanation
I poked a bit through some recent posts and, though I knew it tends towards the self-indulgent, I suppose I'd lost track of just how self-indulgent it's become.
I'm deciding that this is not necessarily a bad thing.

I rationalize the bulk of my posts by making them at least peripherally restaurant, food, or wine related. Fortunately, the restaurant life exists as a broad spectrum of experiences many of which have little to do with food.
Truly, within the last nearly fifteen years of being in this business and every day that i continue to be in it, I learn something about the nature of people and myself. If one is observant and analytical, this business is a rather in depth sociological, anthropological, and psychological study.
By observing interactions among guests, between guest and staff, and even just between guest and restaurant (as in the first few seconds of entering: expression, where their eyes go, body language- such as those people who walk in, cross their arms, and twist at the waist to look around) one can get a thumbnail sketch of personalities.
Coming to a conclusion about driving forces in other people is all fine and well as an exercise but it's in the more personal applications that those conclusions become important. If I learn more about myself and my own interactions with strangers and loved ones alike, then I think I'm coming out ahead.

What does this have to do with posting these ruminations? Well.
Partially to give the potential customer some insight into the personality of the restaurant. While the store isn't suffused solely with my personality I think there lingers about the place some of my undertones. Before a customer walks in, reading an explanation of why it might take a while for the food to come out on a busy night might prepare them. Or why, if they have something to sell me, they should probably give it a second thought.
Partially to flesh out early Baan Sawan experiences. Many of these thoughts and concerns are brought up around the bar only and I feel like these musings, and the musical interludes I add here, echo the overarching, more personal atmosphere that is experienced by a few, long standing regulars. The blog becomes, therefore, something of a suggestion of what it's like to be an inner-door client. Just reading it won't get you free wine, though.
And partially as a learning tool for personalities. As some of you know, I've been taking Tai Chi for almost 2years now and have begun assistant teaching and teaching a few classes on my own, here and there. Frequently, because of my own inexperience, I will be able to see what needs to be corrected in a student because I'm at fault for the same flaws. If I can observe, comment upon, and see what needs to be corrected then I'm closer to correcting myself. Often we are unaware of what could use improvement. This blog addresses, from time to time, the improvements many of us could use. And if I had to tie it in to the restaurant, I try to groom all of us to be better customers to the hard-working restaurant staffs out there in the world.
And partially as a marketing tool. I've got to rationalize the bucks spent on my advertising degree somehow. Not advertising the restaurant just isn't doing it.

And, sure, if I really wanted to I could come up with many more, more self-serving reasons but I'm sure all of you can fill in the blanks. Besides, I've got some linen to pick up at the factory since somebody didn't deliver yesterday.

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