21 July 2009

21July-self-indulgent post or "opportunity is not a lengthy visitor"
This doesn't even count as advice, really, just as an observation. and it's from the musical "into the woods." Do with it as you will, i suppose. the implication is, of course, not to let opportunity go by but what does that mean? At what cost is it all right to miss an opportunity?
Have I mentioned this before? I don't know.
We're surrounded by opportunities every day. We miss opportunities every day. And every time we make a decision to pursue something we turn our back on countless other chances.
An endless ocean of choices that can become a burden if you let it.
What can make it worse is when we don't think in terms of right or wrong. Right and wrong narrows a person's choices, with good reason, perhaps, but then we need to consider what's right and what's wrong.
Conversation is a great example of this. What we choose to say. how we choose intone. Once things are said they're out there and we have to live with the results.
Let's say we're talking about wine, since i do a lot. There's no right or wrong. There's what I like and what i don't like. Sure, there's good/bad in the sense that a wine can have turned or be corked but there's no telling until after the bottle's been opened. After the choice has been made. But fate determines that occurrence; that's out of our hands. But in the store there's only the bottle. And there's the choice you have to make. And the ramifications for having made it.
There's a bottle of Laurel Hood Pinot Noir that I'd like to enjoy right now. I honestly don't remember that much about it other than I liked it a lot. Some earth and strawberry, i seem to recall. just how i like my pinots. But now's not the time to open it. The wine is probably ready, though a few years in bottle will benefit it. I'm not ready for it, quite frankly. I want it. I'm in the mood for it but right now it would be self-indulgent and selfish to open a bottle.
I have absolutely no idea where this is going.
So how do I sum this up? I suppose there's the idea of taking care. Where do we land on decisions? Is there a right or wrong decision or is there only how we choose to live with the decisions made? I don't have a clue.

choose your words carefully.

don't try to enjoy a bottle of wine unless you're both ready.

I'm deciding to try to go to sleep.

a ukulele/guitar version of Waits' "just another sucker on the vine"

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