17 July 2009

17July- oof. and oeuf
What an odd week it's been. Tuesday was pleasantly busy. Nice and steady. Wednesday was dismally slow. Then Thursday came and threw us all for a loop by being quite busy. The business equivalent of expecting there to be one more step on a flight of stairs but you know what? There wasn't. We tried to keep everyone informed on how, when their order is placed after 6 other tables (two of which are tables of 6), things will take a while.

So. what will tonight bring? At least we'll be going into it expecting high volume.

Of the many lessons this restaurant has tried to teach me unpredictability ranks rather high.

anyway. what will happen will happen.
here's a cool looking recipe for scotch eggs:


and a list of blogs for the home cook:


peggy lee, just for fun

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