14 July 2009

14July- well. back to work.

I wonder, sometimes, how to gauge the worth of time spent. I can see how this might be a good or a bad exercise but I think it's important to take stock, from time to time.
So, after a week off, I try to see what kind of work I got done. What kind of fun was had. what kind of progress was made in any theater of my life, whether it have any kind of intrinsic or social value.
The troughs and peaks of this last week have given me plenty to think about.

High on the list of food for thought is the importance of situational awareness. This is relevant to any arena life but we tend to forget it so quickly. The more comfortable we get the more likely we are to feel safe and, therefore, the more likely we are to begin ignoring the things going on around us that might have some impact on us.

So often, I believe, the things that bring us stress and calamity we, ourselves, could've prevented. Whether it be underplanning or underestimation or some other example of hubris, we often find ourselves in situations observation, common sense, consideration of the ramifications, or research could've righted before it got wrong.

Of course, I don't discount the value of luck, whether good or bad, in having a role in the outcomes in our lives.

So what's it going to be tonight? tomorrow? this week? Masters of our own fate? Prey to the whimsy of chaos?
Or is life, in fact, like a pinball machine? It shoots out a situation that arbitrarily caroms hither and yon and, depending on if we're paying enough attention and quick enough, we either see it coming or we allow it to pass us by.

I don't know. But it never hurts to keep your guard up and be light on your feet.

kind of a depressing way to illustrate a point, but I think she does a great job of this song.

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