08 July 2009

08July- a random account/recipe of my fried chicken

I fried chicken just now.
In these lean times, financially speaking (not lean everywhere. a bit of an extra presence has begun to suggest itself around my waist. we all pretend it's not there, but it is. this fried chicken won't help.) I enjoy exploring the possibilities of the more affordable meats. Chicken, by far, being the most versatile. Having enjoyed its more healthy aspects I've leapt upon its hedonistic, unhealthy side.

So some music goes on: http://8tracks.com/joemiller/groove-plane?play=1 and I put some oil to heat. I season my drumsticks. some might argue that seasoning before dredging is foolish but I do it anyway. I season with sesame oil, garlic salt, sea salt, chili powder. chili flakes. Some dried dill and paprika.Maybe some dried oregano and rosemary. ooh. some dried thyme is also nice. I then shake some vodka and Goya jamaican style ginger beer with some ice and pour into a martini glass. This is very important.
Here's where i begin to work on the macaroni and cheese. I salt some water and boil the mac.

The chicken's marinated for a bit so I add a little bit of milk to it and roll the drumsticks. I use corn meal instead of flour, so i season the corn meal with the same seasoning as I did the chicken and then I double dredge each piece before putting them in the oil.

As they bubble and pop and generally try to make a mess of your stove top you should shred some cheese. drain the macaroni and return to the eye. melt butter and mix. I add a bit of salt here, too, and mix in an egg or two. I let it think about that for a minute while I check on the chicken and wonder whether i should invest in a meat thermometer. Then I add a good bit of cheese to the macaroni with a dollop or two of, ideally, half and half and mix while I listen to James Brown singing "Popcorn." When that's smooth (the mac and cheese, for Brown is always smooth) I transfer it to a lightly greased casserole dish and top with more cheese, because I don't think ahead in terms of my health. I toss that into the oven (more accurately, my toaster oven) at some randomly decided upon heat level and let that go until it bubbles a bit (usually 15 or so minutes.)

At this point you should be on your second ginger beertini and the chicken should be done. Let those rest on some paper towels for a few minutes (or more, if your significant other hasn't come home yet even though she said she was probably going to have been home twenty minutes ago.)

When you're ready, serve and let nature take its course.

I don't know why I brought all of this up, other than to suggest that frying chicken can be fun. if you like that sort of thing.
And since we're closed for this week, this is something you could do.

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