25 May 2009

24May- 2nd Day

The dessert menu from the Dundee Bistro. Very well-informed, albeit sporadically available, server. I hope we're not described as "sporadically available" too much.

This was the Vande Rose bacon with the triple cream and hazelnuts. and a strawberry compote. This was extraordinary. I've never had bacon I've enjoyed more. Deeply flavored, rich. So wonderfully fatty, though structured. just amazing.

the approach to Erath. Much bigger than I thought. And so many people there. So many drunk people.

Slow-cooked mushrooms in a red wine, butter sauce with freshly-picked rosemaries and oregano. Slightly cheaper than eating out and, frankly, i just like to cook. Although I did overcook the steaks a bit. And Brad of Dundee Manor was a dear to let me cook in his kitchen. I hope he finds a use for all the Tillamook butter i bought and had to leave in his fridge.

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