23 May 2009

23May - 1st day back in Oregon
Through Leigh's loving generosity, we're spending this week in Oregon. Right now, for instance, we're in Oregon.
As we've been on the go since 2.30 this morning (I opted not to sleep last night, as I still had to pack), I'm getting a touch weary but not so much that I can't thoroughly enjoy this wonderful B&B in which Tom C. from Southern Wine was kind enough to put us up for a couple nights. Leigh's enjoying the patio on our room right now while I'm pecking this out along with a bottle of Lange Winery's Kissyfish Rouge, a mysterious blend that is bright and fruity with a touch of spice. Talked a bit with Jesse Lange about finding a distributor in South Carolina, as I fell in love with their Pinots, only to have them disappear.
Flew through Minneapolis, after having missed our morning flight as a result of the airport being choked with people this morning, including not one but two people we happened to know. weird. The woman ahead of us, so annoyed by the prospect of having to wait and possibly miss her flight (which, at that point, was a given) was full of snarkiness and bile. Who thinks that attitude will help at all? I don't know.
We wait now and enjoy the peace that a clement Oregon day has to offer before dinner and much needed sleep.

is my hairline receding? kind of looks like it's receding....

had a beer here in the minneapolis airport. friendly bartender.

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