19 April 2009

19April- Morgan Winery's Pinot Gris, Syrah, and Verdelho.

So I received the bottles sent to me by Tom from Morgan Winery. Always an exciting event, opening up a mailed box filled with wine.

Naturally, the one i started with was the Pinot Gris, which was beautiful. Softer than I'd expected it to be but it definitely had that spice that I enjoy and the minerality I look for. The Syrah was a wonderful surprise and an excellent point maker about style differences. Just the night before we'd had the Casa Lapostolle Cuvee Alexandre, a deep, rich, oaky thing that was very nice, certainly, but kind of on the hot side. Definitely a style but not one for which I'm always in the mood. But the Morgan was a great, lighter style that was so unexpectedly bright without sacrificing richness of flavor, if that makes any sense. I could certainly see this taking to a touch of viognier (or verdelho, maybe?) for a cote-rotie kind of thing. While I don't think I'd have mistaken this for a northern Rhone, I can see stylistic similarities that really appealed to me.
And the Lee Family Verdelho was also a pleasant surprise. I'd had very few experiences with verdelho, none of them outstanding, so it was interesting that I'd recently been brought the Molly Dooker Verdelho. Molly Dooker, as you well know, loves that aggressive style and they certainly don't pull any punches when it comes to their white wines. 15.5% alcohol? Really? Anyway, it was certainly interesting. Rich, peachy nose with a drier mouthfeel than I'd expected. Full and forceful. By extraordinary contrast, the Lee Family Verdelho was, like with the Syrah, much brighter and floral and light. Firm, medium-ish body and a great acidity. Very refreshing when it was colder and, like the Morgan Pinot Gris, it just got more interesting the warmer it got.
Without question I think there's a place for all three of these wines down at the restaurant. Not only are they all excellent sippers but their brighter, fresher approach makes them great food wines, as well.

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