10 February 2009

10Feb - Cloud Nine wine chat
As some of you know, I love Cloud Nine Market on Gervais. That's largely peripheral to the story; I just wanted to mention it. (Beautiful carrot cake, by the way. Not too sweet. Good pecan action.)
So I'm there yesterday enjoying a Breckenridge Vanilla Porter when the wine rep for Grapevine comes in. I've known him for a little while, having met him through regulars at the restaurant, and we sat and chatted for a bit.

It's fun to chat wine and it's particularly fun for me to chat wine with someone with more experience than I have. I feel like, in so many ways, it's a gratifying exercise to be able to discuss things like appellations and styles and trends with someone who knows what you're talking about. It's like finding someone who loves the same obscure album or artist that you do. It's nice being able to be told about someone's expression of Chardonnay and I offer "So it's like a Meursault?" and be confident that they know what I'm talking about.

I've been in a Tom Waits mood lately and have a playlist I set up for a couple of friends who are just starting to get into him. It was so much fun for me to revisit all of his albums to pick and choose. All of the old emotions and memories came trickling back and there was a general sense of contentment. (If anybody wants one, bring me a blank CD and I'll burn you a copy.)

I wonder what makes it fun to revisit things like wine, or music, or art, or books with others. Is it the pleasure of knowing someone else has similar interests and, in knowing that, our senses are calmed since -as social animals - we feel fairly safe that this person isn't a threat to you or the group? Is it that synapses like to fire in established patterns and when we experience and learn things that bring us pleasure we establish those patterns? Is it really already 9.30am?

That's all, I suppose. Just a thought. If you want to, I might recommend revisiting an old, favorite book or movie or beverage or album. Or piece of art or swatch of velvet or perfume. Whatever it may be, find a little bit of comfort today.

the expressions on the other musicians are fun to watch

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