05 February 2009

05Feb- So today could've been better
But I'm trying not to dwell on it. As I sit at home eating sauteed pingtung long eggplant and duck breast (right out of the pan like a beast) with some tasty martini action going on (somebody was nice enough to leave a bottle Ketel One here after a party, thank heavens) and Pandora playing (like a good friend going through their record collection - sleeves spilling here and there in their enthusiasm- saying "you've got to hear this") I try to remember the good spots in the day.

The white wine and beer fridge behind the bar broke sometime yesterday and we were lucky enough to get it repaired today. Thanks to Suzi from El Burrito for recommending Troubleshooter Air Conditioning and Refrigerator Repair in Lexington. They got there quickly after I called and had the thing up and running pretty quickly. Friendly guy and very, very reasonably priced.

So that happened, but I was thinking that it was kind of nice - as I rushed to save all the wines in the fridge - that we've accumulated several very respectable white wines. It reminded me of how much I love my list. It reminded me of how much I love wine. It reminded me of the multifarious pleasures that wine can give.

Which reminded me of a bit later today when Cramer, my Republic National rep, brought in a man from Remy Pannier in the Loire Valley. He had eight wines for me to try and there were some in there that I must have for the restaurant. I was able to exercise the grey matter a bit and learned a thing or two, which is always great. I got to taste some very affordable sparklings and a very affordable Chinon (100% Cabernet Franc) that I'll bring in to augment my slightly more expensive Chinon. It was great meeting this man, who was from the region and clearly had a great love for the wine. The Loire is not terribly well-known which I believe is a shame. So many of the wines coming out of the region are great with food, a trait that is slowly dying out in favor of huge wines that tend to suffocate average fare. I've sung the praises of Muscadet and Chinon for some time so it was nice to chat the wine and the styles with someone from the area and I think my interest and appreciation brightened his day a bit, as his most clear lament was for how poorly known Loire generally is. I got to speak a bit of my terrible French, which he tolerated charmingly.

I finished up my Tom Waits mixed CD for a couple of friends who are just learning about him and I listened to it several times today.

Then evening work happened.

And now I'm here trying to pretend that it didn't and instead focussing on the good things the restaurant had to offer me today.

And I remind myself that it's not all gravy. It can't be.
To be particularly wine nerdy, every so often you're going to get a corked bottle. Those are just the odds.

We need to enjoy those great bottles and not dwell on the corked ones.

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