29 January 2009

29Jan- Oof. Busy night.
From time to time it will catch someone by surprise that we in the business are not always happy to be busy, especially in these crazy times.
Sometimes it just doesn't work out for us.

Tonight it worked. Tonight was busy but everyone came in at an even pace. The customers seemed happy with everything and we were happy with how everything went out. This is not always the case.

There is little as stressful a feeling as when we're not doing our best and when everyone comes in at the same time we find ourselves sometimes not being able to do our best.
Please don't get us wrong. We want the business. Hell, we need the business. But sometimes it's like a family dinner here in the south: there's a grandmother or an aunt who'll plop down another course even after you're quite full. We're sure that course is delicious but there's simply not enough room to do it justice.
We never want to do a half-assed job.
So tonight was great. We had a couple of large parties, well-spaced apart, and we felt proud of what went out and the customers really seemed to enjoy everything.

As the bulk of our business tonight was the National Advocacy Center, thanks NAC! But more importantly than thanks for coming by, thanks for spacing yourselves out. That's what makes for a successful evening.

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