17 January 2009

17Jan- Busy tonight
or last night, more accurately. Friday night. That was satisfying after having had a fairly slow week. And it was one of those nice busies when people came in gradually, not all at once thereby causing a bottle neck in the kitchen that then makes everyone unhappy since we can't catch up. so i'm sitting at home with a glass of something that happened to be open when I got home, listening to Pandora's take on Neko Case (Thank you, Sarah, from Half and Half for turning me on to her) and waiting for my nicked tuna to marinate so that I can grill pan it.

You know that feeling of having gotten away with something? A lie, perhaps, gone undetected. An assignment finished at the last moment that turned out better than expected. A coupon you knew was expired but was accepted anyway. Our crew tonight was one of our most solid servers, the new (but settling in very quickly) server, and a former server who, except for one night early this week, hadn't worked here for over a year. the potential for havoc was higher than I like but this was the position in which we found ourselves and the position in which we found ourselves succeeding. From what I could see (as I was pretty busy myself), all of our servers did a great job tonight. Our kitchen was a machine and churned out one carefully constructed, well-received dish after another. And the customers did a great job of not only coming in but coming in at a very agreeable pace.
thanks to Marc from Southern Wine for coming in and giving me vinous respites in the form of an extraordinary Schlumberger Grand Cru Pinot Gris that was so rich and delicious with honeyed and spicy notes that I feel almost certain the grapes must've seen some botrytis somewhere along the line. Also a nice, crisp, dry-ish riesling from Petaluma in Australia. And the dark fruit, full-bodied, expertly-oaked Marlstone from Clos du Bois (yes, Clos du Bois. Evidently the lower tier offerings found in grocery stores pay for their higher tier, complex efforts such as this.) His visit and samplings not only will enrich our list in the future but also were little oases during that crazy busy night.
Now I'm going to go to bed. Thanks to everyone involved for a great and much needed night.

maybe sparrow by Neko Case

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wow! loved this video!!