16 January 2009

16Jan- so there's that
There's stuff going on. I've almost settled on a drinks menu. I think the beer menu is done; we've just got to sell through some old stuff before the new beers come out officially. In the meantime, there's a wonderfully crisp pilsner and a deliciously bitter, dark oatmeal stout waiting in the wings for anyone who wants one.
We're going to start taking reservations for Valentine's Day (the only day of the year that we take reservations.) I've got some fun new wines in by the bottle (a fantastic, aromatic Oregon Pinot Noir from Belle Pente, a rich, yet focused cab from Mt. Veeder, Napa, and some more dry rieslings -which I need to start getting at by-the-glass prices).
I still feel like my mussaman shepherd's pie has potential.
But what is most on my mind are the three large poinsettia plants I saw on the curb on the way home tonight. three perfectly healthy, living plants tossed to the side because the Man says they're out of season. It made me think of all the things that get forgotten because conventional opinion has decided to shun them at a certain point. "Sideways" and its impact on Merlot. Linen suits after Labor Day (though I still think that someone with darker skin can still get away with a light colored suit because a darker skin color implies tropicality.) There was just something so sad about these three plants sitting on the curb, like orphans resting their chins on their hands watching traffic go by. I wanted to pick them up, but I'm not terribly good with plants.
that's all.

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