10 January 2009

10Jan-enjoyment via context
I'm just starting to realize something about contextual enjoyment. There are some wines, it seems, that only seem to taste right with the right person. It's said that so much of wine is chemistry; I suppose it would make sense that the chemistry experienced with a certain person, with the accent of a certain chemistry-consistent beverage, makes for a total experience. But that's a literal chemistry and a kind of figurative chemsitry.
It's also been said that synapses in the brain get used to being fired in certain ways. It's not impossible to re-train synapses but they do seem to like to fire in a certain pattern, once established. So neurologically speaking it makes sense that a particular experience with a particular person begins to make sense and when the components don't add up like we expect them to, the total experience finds itself lacking.

The 2000Domaine Montille Volnay or 02 Eyrie Reserve Pinot Noir don't taste quite right if I'm not drinking it with Leigh. I've had neither with other people but I've had them by myself and there's a missing element. However, the Lange reserve Pinot Noirs from the Willamette Valley, which I regret to say I can longer find in town, I've only had by myself. And, for some odd, selfish reason, I feel like I want to keep those wonderful, clean, cherry and raspberry flavors to myself. I know those who would appreciate it but there's something private and quiet about my experiences with their work. I feel like that's my treehouse of a Pinot, where I can go to be myself and not worry about other people. If I could afford it, Gary Farrell's Russian River Valley Pinot Noir could do that, too.
St. Innocent's Mt Vitae 07Pinot Gris - that extraordinary, full, spicy, minerally thing - just doesn't hit the right spot when I'm not drinking it with Eubanks, with whom I first had it in Charleston at the Carolina Wine Source Oregon tasting. We hit a bit of that tonight, as a matter of fact. Components fall into place, gears mesh, things work and comfort is achieved. The senses are soothed when things go as they should and who doesn't want that?
I've only got one more bottle of the St Innocent at the restaurant and I plan to buy that Gary Farrell (a glorious, fresh tasting, lighter bodied Pinot that tastes so clean and uplifting that it's like eating fresh strawberries in a field on a picnic blanket under an azure sky with Billie Holiday lilting in the background on an old portable turntable.) for the by the bottle list, though to know it's there would be constant temptation. I'd think I'd be used to that sensation by now, with the wonderful things that live in the fridge behind me, but it still makes my heart flutter from time to time.
Anyway. Just a thought.

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