09 January 2009

09Dec- "Be Prepared to Stop"

There's a street sign on my way to work (a construction sign, actually) that caught my eye the other day. It said in big words on a bright orange diamond with rounded points "Be Prepared to Stop."
While it's an imperative, like so many other street signs, there was something gentle about it. Its wording allows for me to decide when to prepare and, in that way, I feel like the sign understood me a bit more than other signs.
It reminded me of some watch words of my Tai Chi teacher "Don't pursue an opportunity that's passed." These words are designed to prevent me from over-reaching and exhausting my energy, which could allow a perceptive opponent to take advantage of that sudden lack of power and control.

But there was just something about that street sign. It encourages caution (certainly, but more layered than the too broad "Caution" sign) but maybe it's just another way of saying: be prepared for change. Be prepared for anything. One may not have to stop further on down the road, mind you, but just in case...be prepared.

then there's the possibility that not only do I have to be prepared to stop doing something, sometimes I need to be prepared to stop not doing something else.

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