03 January 2009

03Jan- in response to having been tagged
So. I've been tagged by pretty Mrs. P at the Daily Digress. The rules are that I also make predictions for what the new year has to bring, as she had to do here: tagged by blog-o-beth

so here are my predictions, as determined over this bottle of Boulaouane Morrocan rosé, whose peachy color, light melon and strawberry-ish flavors, and dry finish I happen to be enjoying after work:

1. I predict that I'll fall in love with a little-known grape or vineyard, talk it up for a month or two, then suddenly the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times will write articles about my grape or vineyard, thereby making me seem -to some- like a trend follower rather than somebody who happens to have travelled along a parallel track of taste and discretion.

2. I predict I'll approach Kristian Niemi from Gervais and Vine to start a Rat Pack-y kind of big band show during which we'll trade amusing, sometimes biting, quips and joke about drinking too much but then I'll remember that the restaurant industry doesn't allow for much time to put together and rehearse such a thing. Then I predict I'll be disappointed but ultimately glad that we won't experience the racial, and grammatical, tension of having me sing the Sammy Davis, Jr part of "Me and My Shadow."

3. I predict that all the lovely dry rieslings I buy will all be drunk by the staff and myself since too few customers act on the well-supported opinion that a dry riesling is one of the most versatile white wines, especially when it comes to spicy food. Then, when somebody finally does come in asking for one, I predict I'll be in an awkward position for having quite likely just polished off my last bottle the night before.

4. I predict there will be at least one night when I will have made the mistake of sitting too far back in Bar None on a night when I have nowhere to be then, as I try to make my way to the door, I'll be distracted by one person and another at a half-hour and a beer a pop, then finally push open the door to be greeted by the blue light of early dawn.

5. I predict that I won't win the Hearst Fashion Photography contest I entered but the pictures I took to submit (plus the growing portfolio on Artbreak.com/old_yout) will bring more attention to my photography and I might make a little bit of money doing natural light portraits. Then one day I won't be able to put my hands to a Borzoi to match a beautiful woman's Nottingham show coat and jodhpurs and I'll just give up the whole damn thing in an artistic, yet masculine, huff.

Furthermore, I'm to tag other bloggers. In blog-life, as in my personal life, I tend to shy away from claiming friendships (since I never want to introduce someone as a friend then hear: "Well, we just know each other.")
So Daily Digress was the only other blogger I'd have tagged at this point. Naturally, I thought I'd tag Shop Tart, but decided not to play semantics.
So, conveniently, we've just hired somebody with her own fashion-related blogspot.
Therefore, I'm tagging Gabriela at Columbia Street Scene. I love 03Dec. Great hair, great outfit. She looks like someone who'd look good in a tight, Argentine tango, assuming there's a slit somewhere there. Then, a fellow contributor to that website, there's Rachael at Softspoken. There are some fantastic looks on that first page. And never before have I felt like I needed a Crosley portable turntable as much. And that's pretty much taken care of any other bloggers to whom I have even a fleeting relevance, so I'm going to pick a cute one from Daily Digress': The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. This is a delightful romp through misunderstandings of that wonderful punctuation mark: the quotation mark.

I would like to have tagged Fuck You, Penguin. But I changed my mind. That one's a little weird. I love it, but it's weird.

Okay. That's my tag response. You three mentioned above? You're it.
Me? I'm going to bed. It's almost 1:00, for crying out loud.

And this song happened to be playing on Pandora as I was finishing up, so I thought I'd embed it. I rather like this version.

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