02 January 2009

02Jan- Myspace is Dead, I hear.
And so the restaurant is joining the Facebook thing. After all, I do have my fingers on the pulse of the generation. I with it. I'm hip. I'm a frequent user of modern colloquialisms, when it suits my purpose.

anyway, I suppose the Myspace page will remain vestigially active, like a yearbook on a coffee table, even though I haven't updated it in some time.

And the Facebook will receive updates, not unlike the twitter feed, but with the potential for pictures and such.
I don't know; this will just be another thread that makes up the textured and complex fabric that is Baan Sawan.

Facebook Baan Sawan Maybe this link will work, I don't know. If you're on Facebook, then you probably know how to find it if it doesn't work.

1 comment:

Annie said...

Oh, the tagging...

You make your own predictions in a post on your blog, tag three or more bloggers (mention them in the post and inform them in some way that they've been tagged) and see what happens. Now that I explain it, it's sort of like a chain letter, which is annoying, but the tagging thing is entertaining and nothing terrible will happen if you break the chain.

Running around, looking behind you, while shrieking and laughing is entirely optional.