08 February 2008

in re: Reservations on Valentine's Day

So we've got the Valentine's Day coming up and we're going to be doing it only by reservation. That seemed to work out pretty smoothly last year. If you're interested, please do give us a call. As of today (Friday 08) we've got a number of spots still available. All reservations will be held with a credit card number. Now, in order to make sure everyone stays informed and on course, once a reservation is made we'll be charging $25 for a cancellation and if there's a no call/no show there will be a fee of $40 per person.

On the lighter side of business, we've got a number of new beers in and a California malbec. If I can get my ducks in a row I should be able to have the next beverage menu ready by Valentine's. I hope that, having said that, I'll actually be forced to complete it by that time.

hope everyone is doing well,