27 December 2008

27Dec- I love the Art Shack
And I'll tell you why. Because I was hungry and wanted something delicious and nearby and breakfasty and, boy, did I get what I wanted.
I got the breakfast bowl (to go) which consists of eggs (i got scrambled), Adluh grits, sausage, and cheddar cheese sprinkled all over it. Not only was it fantastic (great texture on the grits, flavorful and spicy-ish sausage, eggs not overcooked) , but it was a very generous portion for a low price. I also got a "Shack Attack", which is their own blend of espresso in a cup of locally roasted coffee. Rich and strong and flavorful.

The store itself offers a wide variety of buyables made by local artists. Jewelry, sculpture, paintings, photographs, et al. There are several chairs, making for a welcoming atmosphere, and a bookcase of books. This I find terribly charming. Evidently, if you bring in a book you can exchange it for a book.

And there's something about art classes. The point is, I'm charmed by the whole thing and I fully recommend you visit it. It's right across the street from Pizza Man in Rosewood.

Here's a link to their menu.

Art Shack Menu

and this song happened to be playing when I was there.

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