26 December 2008

26Dec- Ridley Scott's "a good year"
I don't really remember how well this did in the movie houses but I watched it last night and particularly enjoyed it. It seems to touch on all the things in which I have or have had deep to passing interests: wine and wine making, of course. French country life. Pleasantly cluttered, warmly lit rooms. Attractive, elusive, charming, brunette, French women. English and French accents. Being callous.
And all of the wine nerdy stuff struck me, to my still learning ears, as accurate.

It made me want to be in France, drinking wine and making wine and making movies. I miss making movies.
It's marketed as a romantic comedy, which I think is a bit of a broad term for what this is. Though it does follow the formula of mean, rich man learns a valuable lesson about love and priorities with the help of a beautiful woman and spunky supporting characters.
Still. I enjoyed it.
Very pretty.

And I suppose I should seek out the book on which this is based. I began reading Mayle's "Hotel Pastis" but I lent it our recently and I don't remember to whom.

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