24 December 2008

24Dec- I love Moscato d'Asti
And I'll tell you why. It's entirely refreshing. A cold flute of Moscato d'Asti after a long day's work revitalizes my senses without sharpening them enough to make sleep difficult. Its nose is pleasantly aromatic of peaches sometimes. Sometimes some pineapple. It's slightly sweet, but not cloyingly so. It seems to touch the tongue with suggestions of pears, apples, or whisps of honey. Its slight sparkle dances in the mouth. It's like a delicate kiss, this wine. Sweet and soft and slightly intoxicating, as they're generally quite low in alcohol. I've not seen one over 9%, with the bulk of them around 6%. This means I can knock back a bottle myself and not feel lushy.
And, generally, they quite affordable; perhaps the best part. Green's has got one, the Rocca Cerrina, for about $11. Total has a couple in that same price range that are delicious. So far I've been lucky enough to have enjoyed every one I've tried. Cat at Green's on Assembly deftly moved me past a few of their selections, knowing what I was looking for was not what those items would offer. Blessed Cat.

They can be found in the sweet wine section of your locale wine shop. Or possibly the Italian section. If you're lucky enough to have a particularly specialized shop, it can be found in the Piedmont region. And I believe that this wine, though well-suited for desserts, can be enjoyed with a wide variety of food. I had a bottle last night with angel hair pasta tossed with olive oil, and sauteed shallots, mushrooms, and eggplant. Dusted with rough ground pecorino and black pepper. In my opinion, I thought the Moscato worked quite well with it.

Problematically, given the delicacy of this wine's sparkle, it will go flat if opened and not consumed within a couple of days. It's best finished that day, which should not be any problem, but it does mean that I can't offer this by the glass at the restaurant. (not that people ordering sparkling is an everyday thing, which it should be, but that's for a different post.) I've got one now, a lovely 375ml of Fontanna Fredda's Moncucco, and I plan to have a few bottles sitting around but I mostly mention this to send everybody out in search of a bottle.

Delicate, refreshing, affordable stuff.

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tbond said...

Great stuff. Wallis' favorite. We split a bottle while Santa paid a visit to Casa Bond.