19 December 2008

19Dec- just a general thank you
The year's tumbling to a close much faster than I'd like and, with this recession they got on, things have been tough all over. I was at Devine Foods yesterday and, at what should've been a busy hour, not much was going on. Over Miller High Lifes with one of the owners of Bar None last night a general sigh was shared. I wager there aren't many businesses in town who could give you a cheery thumbs up in these times.
There was a sad story NPR this morning about a family-owned housewares chain and the rough times they're going through.

So I just wanted to send out a general thanks to those of you who have continued to come to us and those of you who are seeking us out to investigate. We really appreciate it and we're glad to have had some busy nights the last few months to offset the silly slow ones. We promise to try our best to deserve your patronage.

And while they're frequently forgotten, I'm sure our many purveyors and those in that industry would like to thank you, as well. There are a lot of little, family-owned or just dream-driven purveyors in town who have always worked hard to bring us they best they can so that we can offer it to all of you. I feel like they get forgotten and we can't do anything without them.

Things are going to get worse before they get better so let's all remember that we're in it together.
...Maybe another Steinbeck will emerge from these troubled times....

you know I loves me some Hopper. Early Sunday Morning, 1930

And two songs named Sunday Morning:

I don't know what's up with the Tai Chi guy

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