18 December 2008

18Dec-Stardust Memories
The Woody Allen movie. I am a Woody Allen fan which, if you've ever met me, might not come as a huge surprise.
Of all his movies, Stardust Memories is my favorite.
And of that movie the two something minutes shown here are my favorite moments. Thinking about Francoise Hardy and her cheekbones made me think about Charlotte Rampling, which made me think about this scene. This quiet, peaceful, isolated scene that, if you know the movie, illustrates the wonder of a moment juxtaposed with the reality of the rest.

I just bought a copy on DVD. I need to start showing movies at the restaurant on Sunday nights. BYOB. Somebody buys a pizza. That kind of thing to get around licensing issues. If I'm not making any money off of showing it I think that's legal. It'd just be great to sit with some people and watch movies like Stardust Memories, Blade Runner, L.A. Story, Until the End of the World, and Brazil. Maybe in the new year.


Snead said...

Sign me up for movie night. Great idea.

ali said...

I'll bring the popcorn and champagne!