18 December 2008

18Dec- napkins and such
You know what I love? I love it when I see men (and it's always men) who tuck their napkins into their shirts at the neck before they start eating. It's so wonderfully un-self-conscious and it says to me that they're about to start eating so enthusiastically that they don't know where food is going to end up but they want to protect, at least, themselves.
I feel like it's a bit like bowties and corny puns: there's probably a loved one somewhere advising against the behavior but, I tell you, I think it speaks to a gusto and joie de vivre that more people should possess.

and for no reason I present a video of Fran├žoise Hardy singing "Comment te dire adieu."

I may love her. No one could make a whispery aside like Fran├žoise. Except maybe (maybe) Jane Birkin.

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