25 November 2008

25Nov- poking through the NYT

Thailand in the news, once again. It appears as though, while nothing has improved, people are at least beginning to grow weary about the whole thing.

Shots Fired as Thai Factions Clash

I'm not surprised in the slightest that "Young Frankenstein" the musical is closing. It seemed like such a big mistake in the first place. Or was it? "Cats" did astonishingly well. How about a musical version of "The Waste Land"? To be composed by John Adams . Now that I write those two names outloud, it seems almost possible. If it happens, I'm buying myself a drink.

Broadway is Dry-Eyed as Monster Falls Hard

Now this one is just a damn shame. It's about what might very well be the beginning of the end of the French cafe. It seems that business is dropping off considerably for more reasons than the global financial crisis. People just don't want to sit and talk and eat and drink now, it seems. For this to happen in France, of all places, is so dreary a suggestion of what we're coming to. The idea of sitting, talking, eating, and drinking has always struck me as something wonderfully French. Of course, I've imagined myself in a sun-suffused Parisian cafe with croissant crumbs on my jacket, warming my left hand over my cafe latte and holding my glass of Muscadet in my right while discussing French politics (which, to me, would be along the lines of, "I wonder what the sex is like between Bruni and Sarkozy" "I'm sure we'll find out in the next album" and so on.)

But now people are grabbing food to go, not having a glass of wine in the afternoon, and just ordering water with dinner? If France becomes America, where will my imagination go? Prague, maybe. I have no idea what's going on over there; that'd be an easy place about which to fantasize. London. Madrid. Maybe Madrid.
Yeah. If you need me, I'll be in Madrid.

No. I'll still be in that Parisian cafe, writing in a little notebook I bought at the stationery shop next door, letting my mussels steep a little longer in garlic and wine broth, and enjoying a simple but delicious red wine I'll never find in the States. French cafes need the business of my imagination. Maybe I'll send over a few dollars.

Across France, Cafe Owners are Suffering

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