24 November 2008

24Nov-I should teach a class on how to mismanage finances while finding great deals on wine
The trick to the latter is equal parts exploration and knowledge. I've managed to come across some astonishing deals because my Mondays tend to include visits to at least one Greens, the Total Wine, World Market, and sometimes Morganelli's. I do this to get an idea of what is selling, what isn't selling, and to see what people are charging for what. Now, in order to mismanage your finances where this is concerned isn't terribly difficult. Sales will pop up here and there and, for instance, if you should find 2003 Groth Cabernet Sauvignon on sale for $29 you should only be concerned with the money saved than the money spent.
Similarly, if you're out of town, you should always look for wines not available in your home town. In this way you can spend more money because the deal then becomes its relative scarcity.

The most recent place I've visited out of town was The Wine Shop at Rivergate in Charlotte, NC.
They had a very broad selection at plenty of price points. A lot of interesting white wines I don't see that often. Their Bordeaux selection was oddly slender, but choice, avoiding the big names upon which so many shops rely. Their Oregon Pinot selection was satisfyingly bigger than I'm used to and their lockbox had several very interesting, hard-to-get selections that I feel compelled to purchase on my next visit.

They had a strange combination of very good prices and some rather marked-up prices, according to the prices available to me. It's possible they get the Mulderbosch Faithful Hound at a more expensive price than I do, but if they don't, they're making a chunk of change on it. On the other hand, their Santa Duc Old Vine Cotes du Rhone is making them pennies if they get it at the same price as I do. Both great wines, by the way, still worth what they're charging.

I bent the ear of one David Thomas there, who was very knowledgeable of a breadth information. We had a series of pleasant chats over the course of my browsing. Or, at least, I had a series of pleasant chats while he patiently worked hard for his money while appearing, convincingly, as though he were having pleasant chats.

In addition to a broad list, they also had that system that allows you to purchase tastes of wine through that neat spigot thing. We need something like that in Columbia.
And they also served food, with a selection of some very pleasant cheeses. I enjoyed their fries and their mussels in blue cheese sauce, i thought were quite nice. Their proscuitto was cut a tad thick for my tastes, but that's the way of the world, I suppose.
Over dinner Leigh fell in love with the Orchis Grenache while I enjoyed every wine I tried but fell in love with nothing. I did really like the Flora Springs Trilogy, which had a nicely restrained, Bordeaux-like quality. Naturally, when I was told it was on sale in their store for twenty bucks off their normal price and, supposedly, it's not terribly easy to get anyway, I had to buy what they had left. Fortunately for me, that consisted of only one bottle.

All in all, a very enjoyable place to spend more money than I should have.

and you can, too.

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