21 November 2008

21Nov-a fleeting thought on vices and camaraderie
I wonder what it is about sharing vices that can bring people together.
Camaraderie can be fostered over drinks or a smoke, et al. Seems odd. Maybe it's because vices, by they're very nature, are mildly -to rather- illicit, and you're automatically separating yourself from everyone else by being part of coterie that indulges. This shared interest would imply other shared interests and, bingo, you're past being strangers and on your way to something else.

I used to think that people want you to smoke or drink with them as a way of validating they're decisions. If I'm drinking while they're drinking then what they're doing is all right. Maybe it doesn't have to be as self-serving as that. Or over-simplified. Maybe wanting to share that experience is a handshake, of sorts. Just sharing the experience puts people in similar states of mind and you can be closer for it. Or maybe there's a touch of altruism. This glass of wine is making me feel very good; I would like you to feel good as well.
Maybe it creates a little bubble around you. If you're having a drink with someone, that's something you're doing together which shuts other people out. You feel like you're a part of something that is special that you two, or three, or five, or ten understand. This is especially true where limited resources are concerned. I've had extraordinary bottles of wine that, if I had my druthers, I'd make compulsory drinking for every man, woman, and child so that they can get how fantastic wine can be but if there's just one bottle I want some for myself and I become particular about with whom I'm willing to share it.

There was bit of hanging out at the bar tonight with some of the staff. We smoked a hookah (chocolate/mint tobacco) and drank absinthe (which, oddly, seemed to clear my head more than muddy it after over-indulging last night) and I think we all felt a little special for it. It was out of the ordinary, a new experience for some, and, not to put too fine a point on it, fun.

I'd like to think that we can give that experience (not specifically hookahs, absinthe, and the music of Paris Combo and the Ikettes) but something new, different, and fun to our customers.

Speaking of which, I can't believe Southern Wine is discontinuing their Chateau La Noe Muscadet. That was a fantastic wine at a great price.

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