15 November 2008

15Nov-Wow. extraordinary restaurant review
Not of us, though we've had our share of enchanted and dis-enchanted reviews online. This is by A.A.Gill from the London Times on a London restaurant called Bel Canto.

This review fills me with a variety of emotions. It has its moments where it amuses me, delights me, infuriates me, and confounds me.
I must admit to being, at times, as catty as this reviewer, though never in print. And if I ever held court about someone's efforts to the amusement of myself and others at the expense of the first party's feelings in the way that this reviewer does, I would not blame the first party of the first part for punching me very firmly in the mouth.
But I play the game, evidently, and I read the article and am amused by it. And then there's the twist at the end that could almost, but not quite, smooth over any rancor incited by the rest of the article.
And the best part is the readers' comment section: "less bile and spiteful invective than normal..."

AA Gill at Bel Canto
from the London Times

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