09 November 2008

09Nov-vague notes on the Carolina Wine Source Oregon Pinot tasting
okay. I keep forgetting to have my notes with me (I call them notes. really it's just a bunch of stars, and single words like "smooth", "plump", or "too sweet") so I'll just do this by memory since I feel like i should complete this idea.
Jennifer and I seem to have some differing opinions on our Pinots while our white wine preferences seem roughly the same. In re pinot noirs, while we both dig high aromatics she tends towards fuller bodies that match the intensity of the bouquet and I'm still in a delicate, focused place. Just preferences.
Of all the vineyards available we seemed to agree on two, in particular: St Innocent and Belle Pente.
Belle Pente was completey new to me and it was a very pleasant surprise. Wines these days seem to be getting bigger and bigger, even in the cool climate varietals that used to treasure delicacy and nuance. Even in my favored Oregon there are vineyards that over-extract and push the boundaries of what I consider to be an expression of Pinot Noir, though admittedly it then becomes a genuine and largely valid expression of the winemaker. Unless this new trend of thick, syrah-laden pinots that california is disgorging begins to influence how Oregon produces. then, for shame.
Anyway, my point is that we found Belle Pente to be wonderfully restrained in their style. their gewurztraminer and rieslings were done in very nice, refreshing, dry Alsatian styles and their Murto Vineyard Pinot Noir was really the only Pinot Jennifer and I agreed on. A good balance of aromatics, body, and structure.
The star of the tasting for us was the St. Innocent Pinot Gris. Great body, dryness, acidity, spice, and a glorious minerality. This we decided to make our last tasting that turned into finishing off the bottle, as it was going into a box and i thought we could give it a better home.

So that's going to be on the list, as a by-the-bottle offering. A runner up for our enjoyment would be the Et Fille Pinot Noirs and some Patricia Green Pinots.

Good times had by all. Except for when I returned to the restaurant a little after 6 to find it unexpectedly busy stressed out, even though we hadn't had a busy pre-7 crowd for months. Stupid fate.

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