01 November 2008

01Nov- Halloween pics
I always dread going in to work the day after Halloween. I never know what foolishness college kids have gotten into on or around our property. But I didn't get an ADT call last night, so it can't be all that bad. It's only a little after 8 this morning so I'll just not worry about it until I have to, I suppose.
Anyway, here are some pictures of the crew, all gussied up in their Halloween finery.

rus' impressively elaborate pirate costume

how i imagine a pirate would look just at the moment of explosion, before he realizes what's going on

jennifer as a terribly comfortable egyptian

dayna as a reluctant pharmacist. much to her disappointment, unforeseeable events prevented her from finishing her teenage mutant ninja turtle costume.
this lack of focus is illustrative of how i saw the entire night, through the gauziness of my costume's mask

alex's costume. as he puts it "alex always wanted to be a cowboy - as he understood it."

i'm not sure what i'm supposed to be. but people seemed unnerved by it, so it went over pretty well

i think the ring ties the whole thing together


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get-bigger said...

yes i loved it

Baan Sawan said...

I'm not sure if these comments are valid...but it makes it kind of look like people other than friends read this blog.

Annie said...

Dude, you scared the living daylights out of people. I heard about it!