21 October 2008

21Oct- Finally ordered some Eyrie
I'm quite excited about this. This afternoon my Eyrie Vineyards 2002 reserve Pinot Noir arrived. After hearing the news of David Lett's passing I felt it would be an honorable (if somewhat indulgent) thing to toast him with the first of his wines I ever tasted and, after some shopping around, I managed to find some at winerz.com for more than I wanted to spend (particularly with 3-day shipping since I'd hate for there to be a heat spell on its way here) but, I suppose, that's why I have a credit card. And they had a good price on it. Besides, I'm glad that my desired vintage was at least still available for an affordable price. So I'm at work now, waiting for when I return home to open a bottle. I went out and bought some Pinot Noir specific wine glasses from World Market (the Connossieur line, not the more expensive line since the latter actually had a thicker lip than the former). Normally I wouldn't spend money on a varietal specific glass but I wanted a bit of ceremony. And they weren't terribly expensive.

So they're washed and polished and my wine is still in its styrofoam package. And I'm excited about uncorking it and watching its lovely, rust cascade tumble into my new glasses and filling my lungs with wonderful notes of strawberry and earth. And, in particular, I want Leigh to experience this, as well. That 2000 Montille Volnay is going to be a tough one to beat, for her especially, but I think this bottle will do it.
7.30. Only a few more hours before it's Eyrie time.

I'm so happy.
Leigh and I opened the bottle not too long ago, sat on the kitchen floor, and enjoyed the hell out of the wine.
It was not as rusty a color as I remember it but it had a wonderful, light red color that gradually disappeared to clear at the edges. Strawberry on the nose with a touch of earth, but not as much as i remember. And a wonderful, clean, smooth, strawberry entry with a touch of raspberry on the finish. A beautiful finish that lingered on and almost seemed to undulate. Oh, I love this wine. I wish I could afford more of it, but such is the life of the poor restaurateur.
Leigh was duly impressed. We couldn't help but compare it to Montille's Volnay, as that was the last truly impressive pinot either of us has had in a while. We agreed that they came from similar places. What Montille had that Eyrie did not was some brown sugar, dirt, and pipe smoke to the nose, plus a slightly older feel. Eyrie's finish still seemed a tad young, which is wonderful because given how much fruit and acid this has got, I have high hopes for its cellaring potential.
And, as something of an aside, the Pinot specific glasses I got turned out to be much more enjoyable than I thought they'd be. Its wide mouth allowed us to get our noses deep in the glass to enjoy the bouquet while the taper towards the lip concentrated its aroma. And its big bowl, of course, allowed the wine to move and breathe.

So good times, this Eyrie. I miss Oregon.

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