13 October 2008

13Oct- self-indulgent post on naps, families, & baan sawan
I think I need to take more naps. I had a relatively busy but benign day but still found myself exhausted by late afternoon. Over a book, a beer, and a cappucino at Cloud Nine I actually fell asleep. That's what i get, i suppose, for drinking a stimulant and a depressant to see which will win.
Working with family is difficult. I think being with family is difficult anyway, but this day after day business I think is weighing heavily on all of us in the family. I described it the other night as having an awkward, tense Thanksgiving dinner 5 nights a week. In addition to this unpleasantness, imagine you've brought an employee who's still coming to a decision about you and your family has no level of discretion. Then toss in the stress of being a business in the throes of economic doldrums and you've just about gotten the idea of one facet of this Baan Sawan craziness.

I fully understand the wonderous, unique and fleeting treasure that is family and that we must cherish all the possible time together that we can. I also understand how important it is to shop early for Christmas.

I think I've taken to dealing with family as i would an upset customer: I try to do my best so that, even if they remain unhappy, I can feel sure that it's not because I didn't try. Which does mean that reduces my pool of people with whom I can be genuine. Which means I'm working that much more. Which might account for my poor sleep, work dreams when I do sleep, and the bags under my eyes on which a server commented when he saw them upon the removal of my evidently stress-concealing eyeglasses.
Work is work, says I. Nobody said this would be easy. That's why they call it "work" and other maxims I use to remind myself that this is life.
Besides. Could be much worse.
Morale of the story? Find the time to take naps. they can be very refreshing.


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