23 September 2008

We're going to need some new servers in a little while and we've been looking for help in the back. I'm constantly reminded of how valuable chemistry is in any relationship. And that's what any interaction is: a relationship. Whether it's the relationship between a server and a customer, a server and the restaurant owner, personality of the restaurant itself and a customer. These are the same ideas that go into an intimate relationship. We all have expectations, compromises, surprises-good and bad, gives, and takes. In order for the relationship to work there needs to be a harmony, a balance between the participants.
It's a kind of understanding, a sympathy, perhaps, that seems to make a difference.

I'm not going anywhere in particular with this line of thought. These are just things that one must consider when hiring or applying somewhere. Does this new person in your life, with whom you're destined to spend a good deal of time, seem selfish? Do they seem understanding? Are they humble but confident? Work ethics. Ethics in general.
Do you get along?

I've heard from plenty of people that you either love or hate Tom Waits. There doesn't seem to be much middle ground.
His music speaks to you or it doesn't, I guess.
It's chemistry.

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