18 September 2008

17sept-ever dream about work?
I think, generally, we all work very hard for a living. Whether how hard we work is perceived as hard by others is a different matter but, largely, irrelevant since the relativity of the experience is what ultimately counts to an individual. I stress "to an individual" because the efforts of a soft, spoiled person who wails about having to take out the trash don't really compare to the stolid, clench-jawed efforts of the laborer who, because he needs the, doesn't complain when he loses a finger in a thresher . If there were an objective way to judge and compare people's toils then we'd have a clear idea of at whom to scoff and with whom to sympathize. But such an objective scratch on the door jamb of life doesn't exist so I feel free to bitch about my own job.

Which I'm not going to do, per se. It just seems like work is weighing heavily on my mind lately.
I don't know whether it's Baan Sawan in particular, and the stresses the servers and their caprice cause me. Or that things have been slow. Or that Fall Break is coming soon and so many of our staff want to go home to see their family (a desire it would take some time for me to understand since I've worked with my family for almost 14 years now.) Or maybe it's the classes I've been taking and recently begun having some difficulty fitting into my week.
Either way, my sleep has been fitful lately. A couple of nights ago I awoke from a work dream. Not restaurant work, but I found myself responsible for the removal of a carpet, then I had to level out the floor underneath, then I had to re-floor. There was a lot to do. As I set to, I awoke from the dream because the knots in my shoulders have been waking me up a lot lately (I can't seem to turn fitfully without some discomfort.) In the space between dream and reality I can remember thinking, "Oh no! I've got to get back to that dream. I have a lot of work to do." So I went back to sleep, though I don't recall going back to finish the job.
While it would be difficult to argue that this is a good dream, I'm just not sure it's strictly speaking a bad dream.
I generally don't make requests for people to chime in regarding these posts, as I usually post with the idea that few people will actually have the patience to read what i write. But if anybody would like to mention their toil dreams, I'd be happy to listen.

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