13 September 2008

13sept- self-indulgent nada post
so the 12 o'clock hour is coming around and the night is coming to a close for someone who is in the restaurant business but does not live the restaurant life.
How does one shrug off the week?
As I'm now sitting in a house with no wine that's ready to drink before 2013, I'm having a Fin du Monde after a quickly cooked dinner of whatever was in the fridge.
Good/bad? Makes no difference. (good, by the way.)
Watched a 30 Rock as I ate using this website www.sidereel.com
And now there's that awkward part of the evening when I slide into bed and try not to wake up the significant other.
But instead I'll use this time to dump all over the 2003 Chateau Chantalouette.
I chose this wine at random from the Southern Wine catalogue, figuring a 20something dollar bottle would be palatable but, boy, I'll tell you: this was disappointing.
It's a Pomerol but I was expecting more than broadly offered Merlot. It seemed too bright, fruit-forward and simple for my tastes. I decanted it to try to get more out of it but, alas, it had nothing more to offer.
Thank heavens for the Raymond Henriot Brut Champagne I had gathering dust. Its crisp yet full-bodied refreshing quality with toast, citrus and fruit made up for the Chantalouette's feeble personality.

So take that, whomever this post's vitriole is really about despite my ignorance at whom it's really directed. I can only assume I'm not that angry at a disappointing Bordeaux. But seriously. You pay 20something for a bottle of wine, you should expect it to be palatable, at least.
Feh, says I, to Chantalouette.

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