26 August 2008

26Aug-sort of enjoyed Bottle Shock
I decided to approach watching this movie as an experience completely separate from the reality Taber set forth in his book, Judgement of Paris. Which was helpful.
It was certainly a pretty movie and, at times, it did evoke some sun-saturated feelings of free-spirited, albeit hardworking, joy that might tug a bit at a soul already somewhat enchanted by the thought of a life among the vines. At other times it was more evocative of the set for a dust mote accented, vaguely sepia-toned women's clothing catalog where thin models in muslin halter tops lean against door frames and look out over country landscapes.

"Enter the dame. There's one in every story.", as the Coens say. Even as a movie to be considered apart from the story I knew, it seemed as though they shoehorned in a love interest where there was no real room for one. Despite the not unwelcome stretches of long, lithe lady leg, the whole sub-plot felt clumsy and less integral part of the story, more useful as an excuse to have Rachael Taylor hose down machinery in a thin cotton shirt and wear form-fitting overalls. I think she looks a bit like a young Britt Ekland.

It was difficult to hush the "wait a minute. That didn't happen" part of my brain but I sort of got caught up in it. It makes it clear with whom you're supposed to sympathize, at whom you're supposed to bristle, and with whom you're supposed to learn life lessons. And it was fun to see bottles of wine that I've had.

Speaking of which, I decided to sneak in the '05 Stags Leap Wine Cellars "Artemis" Cabernet. I really enjoyed it. It was pretty lean and focused with blackberries and some leather and a nice, long finish. It was a tad pricey at $44 but it was worth it this time. If I saw it for less somewhere I might pick it up but I wouldn't get it again at that price. It was considerably more to my taste than the 05 Clos du Val Cabernet we opened up later in the evening. We found it less complex with a disappointing finish. It was kind of strange. It went from simple blackberry, vanilla entry to a roundish midpalate then straight to nothing. Leigh said it wasn't even like it had a clean finish, there was simply no finish. Pity. And this truncated thought of a wine was $23, which I think was asking a bit much, too.

Okay. It's 9.20 and I'm running late for work.

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