23 August 2008

Due in large part to last night's steady diet of '94Chateau Palmer (thanks, Ed! - "Ed" as in "Ed", not "editor"), '05Montes Alpha Special Cuvee Chardonnay, '05Clos du Val Pinot Noir, Hogue Genesis Cabernet, and a can of Campbell's Chicken and Stars, I awoke this morning to a bit of a headache. Somehow Leigh didn't.
Now, I'm normally a fairly industrious person with a lot on my plate to keep me busy but I decided to eschew the getting up bit and lie in bed all day.
So far, so good.
Following last night's trail of YouTube wonders including Bill Irwin, La La La Human, clips from movies like Tap, and plenty more, I chased one link to another all morning.
While I'm a great fan of lounging, I find that I don't indulge that often, which I suppose makes it that much more satisfying when I do. My diet suffers, I write as my Totino's settles happily. But my hangover is gone, with some help from the lovely 99Langoa Barton I opened at a wholly appropriate hour.
Leigh is languishing in the bathtub with a book, our respective lazy pursuits connected by our wine.

You should try this sometime, this lazy morning business.

But if all your mornings are like this then to hell with you.

crazy beautiful dancing

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