22 August 2008

22Aug- Baan Sawan t-shirts?
we've kicked around the idea of this for a number of years but have never come up with a design or price that works for us. The most agreed upon design has been the Sor Sua character (the first character of our last name and the central character in the 'triptych' that is on the left as you walk in) either tastefully small over the breast pocket or centrally located over the back.

Simplicity itself and therefore probably the way to go. But, ever the self-conscious one, I wonder about the people around town whom we've disappointed or angered and who, upon seeing our tshirt on someone, would cross their arms, turn their heads and go "Hmph."

So I was thinking something like the Sor Sua on the front and then above it "Baan Sawan Thai Bistro" then maybe the blogspot address. Then on the back "But my endorsement, though wholeheartedly given, is in no way a guarantee that your personality and their personalities will mesh successfully."

for absolutely no reason.

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