12 August 2008

12Aug- self-indulgent random thought
my heart aches dully when I hear certain songs by Dean Martin. It will come as no surprise that this is so because of a girl. Oddly (comfortingly, even) I don't remember which girl or why, specifically, those songs remind me of her, whomever she is, so I suppose it might be more accurate just to say that I listen to some Dean Martin songs with nostalgia.
Some are happy songs; some are sad songs. This leads me to believe there was a before and after to this story I assume I have. It goes without saying that I was very young at the time (though does the hasty readiness to believe that someone is "the one" ever go away with age?). Sometimes I wonder what of the things I enjoy now will, through association, fill me with sadness in the future.

Break-ups are generally a sad affair. I say "generally" because sometimes it will come as a relief to both parties, though this is rare.
We've seen a number of break-ups at the restaurant. None, fortunately, have become scenes but there have certainly been tears from both men and women, alike. Are there people out there right now who drive by the restaurant and feel that dull ache in their hearts? Is there someone out there who, despite having moved far from here, automatically says "No" when offered the option of going out for Thai food because the taste of Pad Ginger is too closely associated with rejection? Surely, there must be.

Friends must choose with whom to side. Books must be separated. Custody of restaurants decided upon. Songs. Aromas. Cities. Countries. There is always collateral damage in break-ups just as there must be collateral damage in new relationships.

"Really? You and your ex went there all the time? Hm. Maybe we should go somewhere else tonight."

I don't know...
It's been slow lately.

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