11 August 2008

11Aug- staff wine tasting
dayna and jennifer

On Sunday we had a wine tasting at the restaurant so that the staff could review our selections, ask any questions, and go over some suggested wine pairings. And, in addition to having them come in on a Sunday, I asked that everybody get dressed up, which they did. I got together some wine tasting kind of snacks (salamis, breads, mushrooms)and everybody was nice enough to bring something so we had a bit of a spread going on as we trudged through our wines. I think it did some good. We discussed some basic wine ideas, some things specific to our selections and I got everybody a 187ml split of Korbel sparkling wine (the smallest bottle I could find that still had a cork and cage) so that they could practice opening sparkling.
I suspect some did not adhere to my "must spit" policy but I don't think I honestly expected it to be followed to the letter.

I put the thing together for a few reasons. Education, primarily, but I wanted to do something nice for them, as well. And I wanted them to get all gussied up because I thought to do so would put them in a different frame of mind. They look good and so they feel good and, maybe, would therefore have a better time. I like the idea of them enjoying the wine tasting process, even though in this case it was mandatory. I wanted to inject some civility to the drinking process, which, as I understand it, youth isn't known for advocating. And I don't think they all have much experience with getting dressed up to go socialize, outside of a wedding. Frankly, as time goes by, none of us have many chances for that. Parties are getting more and more casual and evening dresses and ties are falling by the wayside. It's a shame.

So here are some pictures of the crew looking good.

leigh, greg, rus

marshall, jennifer


Dayna wearing a wine bottle

dayna, alex

and some pictures need to be in color:

especially the "prom picture" for which Dayna saw the potential. so cute!

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