24 July 2008

24July- self-indulgent post on things

It makes sense, I suppose, that a restaurant doing what we do (something rather niche-y) will appeal to certain personalities. And, as the saying goes, birds of a feather something something something. So it makes perfect sense that, when they come eat here, people will constantly be running into people they know. And it happens all the time. It lends to the neighborhood feel of the place, which I like, and sometimes it makes a person who's leaving look like they're running for office as they go from table to table shaking hands, which I like to watch.
Generally, friends of mine who come to the restaurant I've met through the restaurant and only rarely do people from my outside life (such as it is, socially speaking) come in so it's always fun when that happens. A few nights ago, quite out of nowhere, three people from my highschool days came by for dinner. One of them is getting married this Saturday (coincidentally enough, at the same place in Asheville where I was last week) so that accounts for why they're in town, I suppose.

It's strange the emotions that flutter through when I meet someone whom I haven't seen in eleven years (which may not seem like a terribly long span but can suddenly feel like a lifetime.)
I tend to feel both my current age and the age I was when I knew them best, which is a jarring dichotomy. As much as I've changed, in many ways I don't feel like I've changed that much since high school. I suppose by some standards that means I'm doing pretty well. Another way of thinking is that I may not have changed that much since this restaurant, to some capacity, has been plugging away for thirteen years.

This is not the path on which I saw myself but I'm enjoying this boulevard of what I do enough that I never really consider what life would've been like if I went to Boston eleven years ago to work in the newspapers.

One hears of therapists having you write a letter from you years ago to you now and I wonder what I would say.

I'll tell you one thing, even considering ill-conceived imbroglios, foolish things said, and rash decisions one of the things that strikes me as something I'd change right off is that I'd have bought a case of the Chateau Damase 2000 before it sold out. And the Avondale Julia. And there have been some hires over the last 13 years we could've done without. And the kitchen could've been better designed.

Meh. Live and learn.

a scene from Woody Allen's Manhattan

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