19 July 2008

19July-A real treat
Christine went to Portland, Oregon late last week and I requested in an off-hand kind of way (that included repeated text messages) that if she found the time, could she pick up a bottle or two of Eyrie Vineyards Pinot Noir for me. It's been over a year now that I bestrode the great, green hills of McMinnville and, because of limited distribution in the southeast region, I've been unable to find some wines here that I tried out there. The most wonderful of these locally unattainable wines are those made by The Eyrie Vineyards.
What I love about their Pinots is that they're so elegant and delicate. I had their 2002 Reserve while I was out there and I was so impressed by its rusty color (which one sees only rarely outside of Burgundy - in my price range, at least) and how much flavor just seethed from its deceptively light body. Their 2005 was no exception to this. It was light in color and had wonderful strawberry, earth and a touch of spice to the nose. Its body was light but it seemed to expand its flavors in the mouth with a wonderful acidity and lingering finish.

The nearest this can be found is in Augusta but I can never find the time to get down there. So if anybody is anywhere where Eyrie Pinot Noir can be found and happens to be headed to Baan Sawan, give me a call at 803.252.8992 to see how much Eyrie I can afford at any given time. Bring me the wine, a receipt, and I'll pay you back. 05 should keep for a while and I'd love to re-experience the 02 Reserve.

On a related note, I opened up a well-chilled bottle of Rodney Strong Russian River Valley Pinot Noir tonight. It's a bit of a big name and I normally don't entertain such things but I tried it on a whim a few years back, enjoyed it, put it on the menu and held on to a bottle to see how it would age. After two years more bottle age than its release its flavors integrated nicely and it tasted like a much more expensive bottle. The 06 is kind of big but it's still almost elegant. Lighter colored with some earth to the nose, rose petal and a good body. This is a pinot I recommend to have chilled to around 50 or so degrees. Any warmer and its 14.3 percent alcohol will become more noticeable. In my opinion, this is a solid pinot, especially for around $20 dollars.

the bottle Christine brought

Update: The Rodney Strong Russian River valley got a bit astringent overnight. It lost some nose and some cherry. Very "meh" tonight.

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Emily Stoller Smith said...

You will be happy to know that Eyrie is actively seeking distribution in SC...Grassroots Wine based in North Charleston. If you want to help us along the process, give proprietor Harry Root a call and sing Eyrie's praises!