18 July 2008

18July-article on bringing wine back from trips
This is a constant issue with Leigh and me. We tend to have eyes bigger than our suitcases when we buy wine and beer. As we packed to come home from San Antonio we ended up knocking backing two Framboise Lambics and a Porter to make room for all the wine we'd wrapped in ziplock bags and clothes. That's been our method so far: put the bottle in a plastic bag (in case it breaks) and then wrap in tightly in a pair of pants or a shirt. Then line the bottom with clothes and then make sure to have more clothes on top. We haven't had a bottle break yet. Confiscated at the San Antonio airport because they tested positive for plastic explosives, yes, but that wasn't the packing's fault.

I'd love something clever and goodlooking in which to carry my wine home.

Bringing Wine Home - from Wines & Vines

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kodiak said...

re: something clever and goodlooking to carry wines home, etc -- well, as far as the lambics and porter went, wouldn't that have been you two? :-) [cue lithgow simpering chortle]