16 July 2008

16July-self-indulgent post on being caught with guilty pleasures
We all have our guilty pleasures. Some, perhaps, more private than others but usually there are some to which we'll admit such as a goofy movie, a sappy song, or a particular preference for an author who might not be terribly well-regarded.

Monday I had an urge for a chili dog. Normally, I have no qualms about admitting my love for the chili dog. It is a wonderful thing. That day, however, I didn't feel like stopping somewhere so I got a foot long Coney from Sonic. So I was driving along, in something of a hurry, and rather than try eating it as I drove - which I was sure would result in the bun acting like a gutter and shunting off its chili contents all over me - I decided to pull over. This is where I suddenly found myself self-conscious. I have nothing in particular against Sonic, but I rather like my chili dogs to come from charming street vendors or, at least, apathetic kids at Sandy's. I'd prefer they come from a diner, if there were one, and even though it's been a while I get a occasional urge to have a gas station chili dog. Whether it be my ostensible corporate support or that I feared I would look like a chili sword-swallower I suddenly felt the clearness of my windows and I sought out a quiet parking lot to take my bounty in shame, as though it were a hooker.
While it may seem the height of ego to presume that anybody I know would see me, much less give a damn about my eating habits, I'll tell you this:

I was talking to a regular at the bar, let's call her Liz (her name actually is Liz. I just wanted to say "let's call her") when a to-go order was being picked up. I left for a second to get change and got waylaid for no more than a minute. When I returned, and our To Go Client had departed, Liz told me that the other woman had seen me at the Publix with a Totino's pizza and had been disappointed as she'd assumed I'd be eating something more interesting. See, the thing is maybe once every six months I'm in the mood for a Totino's pizza. Every other time I shop I buy healthy things and ingredients. I buy components to food rather than things to heat up. I do actually cook. Interesting things, too. But she'll never be convinced of that. I find that somewhat depressing.

And, granted, that comes only from my own vanity but I've never claimed not to be vain.

I don't know who took this picture or who offers this wonderous thing
but i want to eat it a lot.

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