08 July 2008

08July- self-indulgent post in re: back to work

Goethe suggested nine requisites for contented living. I find eight of them relevant to me and good things to think about as I polish my emotional armor before heading back to work today.

Health: enough to make work a pleasure
Wealth: enough to support your needs
Strength: enough to battle with difficulties and forsake them
Grace: enough to confess your sins and overcome them
Patience: enough to toil until some good is accomplished
Charity: enought to see some good in your neighbor
Love: enough to move you to be useful and helpful to others
Hope: enought to remove all anxious fears concerning the future

One can find oneself dipping from their well of each in any given day but especially a work day and especially in the restaurant business.

During my week off I dabbled in a number of interests and as I enjoyed each exploration of ability I gave some thought, from time to time, to the vagaries of the service industry. My place in it. My future in it. And I'm reminded of something else Goethe said, through the character of Faust.

"Out of this earth flow all my joys!
It is this sun that witnessed my 'passion!'
And am I parted from its sweet decoys,
Then come what will - and in what fashion!"

True, he was sort of arrogantly waving away the consequences of his pact with the devil and his post-mortem servitude but what I like about the quote is its sense of now.

My joys come from my present as well as my grief (the 'passion' in quotes is generally read as sarcastic) and what ever happens next happens next.

So. Back to work.

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