01 July 2008

01July- Arranging things

I was having coffee and some kind of delicious, crumbly cookie thing my mother made and enjoying the fact that today is my first day off when two things struck me: One, the text message from Alex that makes me think I need to be at the restaurant at nine to start working on the kitchen floor and, two, it's Tuesday.
I'm missing out on my normal Tuesday.

Tuesday mornings have their fun side. It's the day when I've got some wine reps coming, which usually yields some interesting wine or beer and/or chit chat. Alex and I have lunch, during which we like to watch something relevant and educational like Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (BBC version, which we both prefer to the American) and then we discuss how we can apply any lessons illustrated.

And it's the first day of the week when I re-stock and inventory the beer and wine. I rather enjoy that. It puts me in the same sort of comforted mood as alphabetizing (or categorizing in some way) my books or records or wine at home. When I was younger it was the National Geographic collection that grew disheveled and I'd spend hours sorting them chronologically. When I was younger still (and I'm amused to see Leigh's God son do this) I liked to arrange my toy cars. One day by color. One day by style. One day by preference.
I enjoy order. Not in every theatre of my life (which is clear by the disheveled state of my car which, I hope, would compel a would-be burglar to walk by it under the assumption that a fellow criminal had already thoroughly tossed the vehicle's contents) but in many.
Given enough free time and inclination I'm sure I could over-analyze that and maybe break it down to some need for control or fear of the unknown or a brain tumor that gets irritated when some part of the brain that responds to asymmetry gets going.

But why do that to myself? I'm just going to enjoy the simple comfort of arranging things.

The library at the Biltmore House.

If you're one of the many people who has lots more money than I do,
the good people at Valentini's can make you this.

99cent, Andreas Gursky
naturally, I'm a fan of Gursky. I like how he can take chaos
and bring order to it through perspective. Click on the image to make it much bigger

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